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Working to restore your sense of well-being is "What We Do"

Sometimes things happen in life that you do not expect or want. As such, you have suffered an injury or loss that leaves you overwhelmed by the circumstances. You find you are not prepared to adequately protect your interest and restore your well-being.

Unfortunately, the actions of others can devastate the stability and security we enjoy as individuals and families, when confronted by the loss of health, income, employment, reputation and life of a loved one.

Often these circumstances are instigated by the negligence, carelessness, or irresponsible behavior of others. They are simply beyond your control.

Choose, The Verbena Askew Law Firm, P.C., as your personal lawyer. In return, we will provide you with expert legal advice and representation based on years of experience in getting our clients real results. We believe you are deserving of the personal services of an attorney from your initial consultaion to the final resolution of your case.

"It is our committment to help you get the claim, settlement, and justice you deserve."